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An Approved Georgia Insurance Course

The law requires that an insurance agent applicant must first complete the approved precertification course from an approved provider – like us! Our school accreditation #20167.

Life, Accident & Sickness Prelicense Course

Pat will teach this Georgia Insurance Agent Prelicense course in-person at the Insurance School in Marietta, GA. You will begin at 9am, dress casual, and bring a notebook & pen. We look forward to your registration!
  • Printed Handbook
  • 40 hour curriculum
  • in-person lectures
  • basic insurance coverage
  • state rules and regulations
  • insurance practices
  • practical tests
  • Certificate of Completion
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Frequently Asked Questions
The state of Georgia requires potential agents to complete the required prelicense training before being eligible to take the State Insurance Agent Exam. Our Life, Accident & Sickness Prelicense course is accredited. We are school #20167 on the State Website.

Your certificate of completion from this class is required before registering for the state exam.

For more information on licensing, see our Resources page.

The classes are taught in four days. Each day begins at 9am and the course materials built on each other. As long as you take the Days in the correct order, you can take them at any time. For example, Take Day 1 in October, and then Day 2, 3, 4 in November class.

We have found that the results you need are best learned in-person. Since we care about your success we only provide in-person classes.