georgia insurance license course

Our insurance license course has been training agents for the exam since 1984. We offer the prelicense required curriculum for the Life, Accident and Sickness agent licensing exam.

Georgia Insurance License Course

We offer the premier Georgia Insurance prelicense courses for Life, Accident & Sickness insurance. Sail through the Agent’s exam after taking the required accredited 40hr curriculum offered at Pat Scanlan Insurance School.

Our Accredited 40 Hr Pre-license Certification

  • Dates & Times: see your registration, all classes start at 9am.
  • Classes are taught in order: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.
  • Materials: Bring highlighters and paper for note taking. view the Candidate Handbook for Georgia Agents On our resources page.
  • Dress: casual
  • Location: Canton Road Plaza 1951 Canton Rd, Suite 220 Marietta, GA 30066

Georgia Insurance License Course

Why do our students pass the exam?

If you want to take your agents’ exam and pass, you’ve come to the right insurance school! See Resources for all the criteria to meet to take the Agents exam. You’ll notice the first requirement is to complete an accredited Pre-license course just like this one! Join hundreds of successful students taught by Pat Scanlan. Why are they so successful?

We believe our students’ success is the result of in-person classes. Our classes are exclusively offered in person, and taught by Pat Scanlan at our school in Merritt, Georgia.

Our unique presentation, along with real life examples, stories from the trenches and practical testing thoroughly prepares you for the GA Insurance License Exam.

Prelicense Requirement

How to Become a Licensed Agent

1. Complete Required Pre-Certification Training

All Insurance Agents in Georgia must be licensed. The law requires that an applicant must first complete the approved precertification course from an approved provider(us). At the end of class, we will issue a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate of Completion is needed to book your State Exam.

2. Take the Exam

Reservations are required for the exam. See the resources page for information on how and when to book the exam.

What our Students Say

“Pat’s teaching methods made the material interesting. The homework, quizzes and Pat’s pictures with examples made it easy for me to retain the information.”

“I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam on December 18th on the 1st try! Thank you so much for everything. The test was really hard, but with all of the quizzes, homework the final exam I felt so confident and prepared. I used all the test taking methods you provided and it worked.”

“I could not have passed without the information you provided. You really helped me to understand the why behind the answers chosen. I appreciate the level of detail taken in the notebook, along with all the quizzes and homework questions. “

Start Your Journey to Certification Today

Our Georgia insurance license course, taught by Pat Scanlan, offers amazing in-person courses that will teach you everything you need to know for your Life, Accident & Sickness Agents exam. You’ll get plenty of one-on-one time with Pat herself, as well as hands-on learning time. We use a combination of presentations, examples, stories, and tests throughout the course. We get you prepared to sail through the exam!